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The World of Coffee - Our Popular Selection - In Our Filey Store

Brazilian Santos
Brazilian Swiss Water Decaf
Costa Rican
Colombian Excelso

Guatamalan Huehuetanago
Old Brown Java

Vietnam White Dragon

Kenya & Brazil Peaberry
Barbosa Gold

Dark French Roast
Rich Italian Roast

Blue Mountain Blend
Blue Mountain Blend Decaf


Whole Beans Or Freshly Ground
To Your Specification
Cafetierre - Filter Machine - Espresso

Flavours Subject to Availablity


French Vanilla
Rich Hazelnut
Irish Cream
Creamy Caramel
Creamy Caramel Decaf
Macadamia Nut
Pecan Nut Pie
Death By Chocolate
Choc Hazelnut Cappucinno


Many More Coffee's Available for Special Order
Please Ask For Help


Coffee at it's best...

Coffee Ground to Perfection.. Frothies Filey

Always Use Fresh Roasted Beans

Seek Out  A Local Independant Coffee Dealer

Always Use Fresh Ground Coffee

Use The Correct Grind For Your Equipment

If In Doubt Ask or Google it...

Experiment With Different Coffee - Learn to Blend

You Don't Need Expensive Equipment To Make Good Coffee.


Try A Cafetiere or a Moka Pot - They Are Popular Tried and Tested Methods. 

Frothies Have Recommended Some Equipment
To Get You Started - Always Read the Reviews and Advice.

We Also Stock Tea and Tea Making Accessories.
Hot Chocolate is Another Favourite
Ask About Our Indulgent Sugar Free Dark Hot Chocolate.

Feel Free to Ask For Advice in the Café.

We Are Passionate About Our Coffee...


A Selection of Our In-Store Coffee



Fresh is Best... 


Brazilian Santos  - Strength 3

This mild and smooth flavoured coffee is named after the port in which all of Brazil's coffee passes through. Brazilian Santos provides a mild, light bodied drink. Great ‘middle of the road’ drink. Try the fantastic Swiss Water Treated decaffeinated option.

Colombian Excelso – Strength 4

From a country known for its premium coffee grown at high altitudes, this blend has rich acidity, full-body and powerful aromatics. Generally quite a large bean giving a smooth distinctive flavour.

Costa Rican  – Strength 4

Costa Rica is known for its amazing coffee. Costa Rica only grows Premium Arabica Beans. The soil and land is rich in nutrients giving Fantastic Flavour - the volcanic minerals bring an exquisite taste to the Costa Rican Bean.

Kenyan Peaberry - Strength 4

A very distinctive bean that is is more rounded in shape due to it being a single bean in the cherry as opposed to two. The single bean draws all the nutrients and gives great flavour - the beans are generally hand sorted and regarded as a little special. Earthy, Chocolatey and Smooth.

Sumatran Mandheling – Strength 4

Generally when you think of Sumatran coffee, you are thinking about Mandheling. It is, in every sense of the word, a "classic". A Typical Sumatra has a creamy body and sweet flavour. It also has all the wild flavours and earthiness you would expect in a Sumatra bean.

Old Brown Java Coffee - Strength 5

Some Java Coffee is Matured for up to 5 years. An intense earthy coffee from the volcanic island of Java in the Indonesian Archipelago. Very little acidity, strong in flavour with sweet notes, so perfect for espresso.

Mocha Djimmah - Strength 3

Djimmah ( Jimma) is an inland city which is very near to Kaffa, the place of origin of coffee. Coffee still grows as part of the natural forest and is harvested from the upper branches of tall trees. These Ethiopian beans are lightly roasted, which gives this coffee a fine acidity, body and excellent mocha flavour with a hint of spice and aroma.

Blue Mountain Blend  – Strength 4

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend Coffee is a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica . The best lots of Blue Mountain coffee are noted for their mild flavour and lack of bitterness.  Over 80% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan. In addition it is used for brewed coffee, the beans are the flavour base of Tia Maria coffee liqueur.

Italian Espresso Roast - Strength 5

Many people enjoy this Italian Roast because while the blend is dark, it tends to have a sweeter and less acidic taste than other dark roasts. Very popular blend, perfect for a full bodied Espresso. Used in many coffee shops as the base for the Italian Classic Coffee’s including Latte & Cappuccino.

French Continental Roast - Strength 5

French Roast is a strong very dark blend, it's another very popular blend, perfect for a full bodied Cafetiere/Filter drink. French Roast is a style of coffee characterised by beans that have been roasted almost to the point of burning. The resulting beverage is nearly always very dark in colour, and has a distinctive caramelised taste. In many places, French roast is the darkest roast available.Used widely across Europe and former French Colonies. Definitely a wake me up Coffee - Dark, Bold Chocolate And Roast Nut Flavour.